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The Baby Eats The Alphabet kit comes with everything you need to document your little one's journey of eating their way from A to Z!

Kit includes: 


  • One 10" x 10" hardcover, spiral-bound book with beautiful hand-drawn food illustrations
  • 26 4"x 6" clear photo protector pockets
  • 26 4"x 4" clear photo protector pockets
  • Double-sided tape for adhering your adorable photos into the book
  • Three rolls of assorted washi tape
  • Ten 8" x 8" assorted cardstock paper
  • Sheet of hand-drawn stickers
  • Checklist magnet for keeping track of your A to Z progress


Baby Eats The Alphabet Scrapbook Kit

  • Baby Eats The Alphabet is a scrapbook-made-easy kit for creating the yummiest keepsake of your baby's first experiences with food!


    You've researched the best highchair, stocked your cabinets with the utensils, done all the meal prep, and will soon be cleaning up the floors! You may not want to remember the mess, but you'll certainly want to remember those sticky, satisfied smiles.


    Baby Eats The Alphabet makes it easy to document your little one's food adventure. Our kit comes with everything you need to start your child on a journey to eat their way through the alphabet...and create a homemade book along the way!

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