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What’s Included:

  • Choking Hazard 101 Magnet (4” x 4”)

  • Gagging Vs. Choking Magnet (3” x 3”)

  • When We Eat, We Seat Magnet (3” x 3”)

  • If It’s Round, Cut It Down Magnet (3” x 3”)

  • Choking Hazard Prevention 101 paper card (5” x 7”)

Choking Prevention 101 - Magnet Set (Set of 4)

  • Our best-selling choking hazard prevention magnets are now sold in a set! 


    Our choking hazard magnets were created as a way to open up a line of communication between parents and caregivers around feeding safety. While you’re most likely already well-educated about choking safety for your little one, you know it’s equally important for everyone who offers food to your child to know Choking Hazards and Food Cutting 101. 


    Each of the four magnets in this set serve as a reminder to make smart, informed choices when feeding children. We know that setting boundaries with grandparents, in-laws, babysitters, and daycare providers can sometimes be challenging and uncomfortable, to help start the conversation, each magnet set comes with a Choking Prevention 101 Communication Card. This card explains the importance of choking education and goes into detail about what each magnet means. 


    Place them on your refrigerator for easy visibility for you, your spouse, and babysitters, or gift the set to grandma and grandpa, daycare, or church nursery so you can rest easy knowing all your care providers know basic choking prevention. 

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