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This listing is a part of the IMPERFECT SALE, meaning these products have small cosmetic imperfections - please look through the product photos closely to see examples of the minor aesthetic damage before purchasing as all Imperfect Sale products are FINAL SALE. If you have any questions before purchasing, please email Amber at!


Magnet imperfections include: faded text, scratches, smushed/torn corners, worn edges, black magnet residue, jagged cut edges. All products are completely functional.


Due to the imperfections, these products will be priced lower than any sale I have done or have plans to do for the remainder of the year - so if you’ve been thinking of purchasing and don’t mind a few smushed corners, now's your time!


Product Information:


Choking Hazard 101 - 

Dimensions: 4” x 4”

Material: Magnet


Gagging Vs. Choking - 

Dimensions: 3" x 3"

Material: Magnet


If It's Round, Cut It Down - 

Dimensions: 3" x 3" 


When We Eat, We Seat - 

Dimensions: 3" x 3"

Imperfect Choking Hazard Magnets

$3.50 Regular Price
$1.75Sale Price
  • If you’re looking at this magnet, you’re most likely already well-educated about choking safety for your little one. So much so that you know it’s equally important for everyone who offers food to your child to know Choking Hazards and Food Cutting 101. 



    These magnets serve as a reminder that certain foods should be modified before serving, or not served at all, to children under 5. Place it on your refrigerator for easy visibility for you, your spouse, and babysitters, or give it to grandma and grandpa, daycare, or church nursery so you can rest easy knowing all your care providers know basic choking prevention. 

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