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The Exploring The Alphabet kit comes with everything you need to document your family’s A to Z animal journey!

Kit includes: 


  • One 10" x 10" hardcover, spiral-bound book with beautiful hand-drawn animal illustrations

  • 26 4"x 6" clear photo protector pockets

  • 26 4"x 4" clear photo protector pockets

  • Double-sided tape for adhering your adorable photos into the book

  • Three rolls of assorted washi tape

  • Ten 8" x 8" assorted cardstock paper

  • Sheet of hand-drawn stickers

  • Checklist magnet for keeping track of your A to Z progress

Exploring The Alphabet Scrapbook Kit

  • Exploring The Alphabet takes your family on an animal adventure to document the journey of finding a critter for every letter of the alphabet.


    Whether you head to a zoo, aquarium, or farm to find a real animal to pet or you take the creative route to a museum, craft bin, or even dress up closet, you’ll be sure to capture many moments worth remembering. 


    This one-of-a-kind photo album comes with everything you need to start your family on a quest to meet animals A through Z...and create a book along the way! Photograph your child interacting with one animal featured for each page in the book and then assemble your handmade keepsake! 


    Exploring The Alphabet makes it easy to document the simple, everyday moments with your family while creating a keepsake scrapbook to remember every messy memory.

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