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Cooking The Alphabet

Cook the alphabet with your kids and document your adventure by creating a recipe book using Baby Eats The Alphabet so you can remember all the chopping, mixing, and taste-testing as your entry-level chef gains confidence and masters skills in the kitchen while being exposed to new and familiar foods!


Every week I’ll be cooking the alphabet with my two kids, my selective eating 3-year-old and my adventurous eating 1-year-old. We’re documenting what we cook, and creating a recipe book using Baby Eats The Alphabet so they can remember these moments forever and maybe even recreate them with their kids.

Each week I'll be sharing a blog post which includes:

  • The recipe of what we're cooking

  • Suggestions of what your little one can do to participate in cooking

  • A tutorial of how to create the coordinating recipe page 


We're creating our recipe book at a very manageable pace of one letter per week.


If you're not a blog-reader, you can tune into the @BabyEatsTheAlphabet TikTok to see videos of the entire process!


And did I mention discounts?

Throughout this cooking adventure, there will be exclusive discounts only for email subscribers, so if you can handle one email per week, I'd love to have you join me!


Grab a Baby Eats The Alphabet book and start your cooking adventure!

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