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Cooking The Alphabet | B is for Banana Bites | Cooking With Toddlers | Toddler Recipes | BLW

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

Hi, I’m Amber, and I'm cooking the alphabet with my two kids, my selective eating 3-year-old and my adventurous eating 1-year-old. We’re documenting what we cook, and creating a recipe book using Baby Eats The Alphabet so we can look back on these moments.

Illustrated banana background with text saying "Baby Cooks The Alphabet - Cook the alphabet and create a handmade recipe scrapbook! Banana Bites"

Today we’re cooking Banana Bites for B is for Banana.

This very simple snack is an easy way to work on basic knife skills, and experimenting with different textures - like sticky, crunchy, and soft.

Remember, the point of this isn’t actually creating healthy meals, but you absolutely can if you want to! The point is to spend time together and learn how to turn mundane moments into the memories that last, while allowing little ones to be hands-on in the kitchen.

What you need:

  1. Ingredients: Bananas, Toppings that you think your kiddo will enjoy with bananas, we did: yogurt, peanut butter, cereal, chopped nuts, and mini chocolate chips

  2. Tools: Kid-safe knife

A 3-year-old toddler spreads peanut butter on a slice of banana.
My 3-year-old spreading peanut butter on her banana slice!

Getting The Kids Cooking:

Set-up tasks your toddler can help with include:

  • Picking out the utensils needed

  • Spoon out toppings onto a plate/bowl

  • Peeling banana

Then the fun part comes:

  • Cutting the banana into slices

  • Scooping and spreading toppings

  • Sprinkling toppings

So we’re going to let the kiddos chop up their bananas and then go to town “decorating” the banana slices. I showed them some options of what they can create, but let them do their own thing.

Remember to take photos of your little chef peeling, slicing, and sprinkling!

My one-year-old ate basically the entire time, while my 3-year-old fed me more than she ate, but she has been talking about making banana bites non-stop, so it’s a win in my book!

Now that the kids had fun, it's mama's turn!

Let's assemble the second page in our Baby Eats The Alphabet Recipe Book!

What you need:

Of course, we recommend purchasing a Baby Eats The Alphabet kit, which will have everything you need to create your recipe book keepsake (except the photos of your little ones), but honestly, the point is to create a beautiful book of your memories - which you can with: printed photos, paper (we recommend paper at least 8.5" x 8.5" so you can fit a photo plus the recipe!), double-sided tape, any fun embellishments you want like stickers, washi tape, or photo protectors, and something to hold your pages, like binder or scrapbook!

Write your recipe:

Use a small piece of paper to write down the recipe you used, and any memorable notes you want to record (ex. You were so excited about eating the toppings, you didn't even want to make your slices!). Before I wrote my recipe, I laid my photos out to know where the "safe" area was to write it and marked it lightly with a pencil.

Pick your photos and lay everything out:

Before applying any tape, I recommend you lay out all of your elements to make sure everything fits and you like how it looks. Once you're happy with it, tape everything down, starting with the bottom layer first! And here's how mine turned out:

I would love to see what you decided to cook and create for B is for Banana! Please tag me in your creations @BabyEatsTheAlphabet!

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