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Meet The Animals - Lion | Exploring The Alphabet Scrapbook

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

A text image saying "Meet The Animals" of Exploring The Alphabet with animal track illustrations in the back.

Exploring The Alphabet takes your family on an animal journey from A to Z!

Start your family on an adventure to meet an animal for every letter of the alphabet, document your experience with photos, and then create a handmade book of your memories.

So let’s meet one of the critters featured in the Exploring The Alphabet scrapbook.

A graphic image saying "Meet The Animals" with an uppercase and lowercase L and an illustration of a lion. On the bottom there is a logo for Exploring The Alphabet.

Today is our brooding Lion, which is one of 5 animals for L. Lion is confident, he is fierce, and he really values his appearance as you can tell by his freshly blown out mane.

You can find your lion to snap a picture with at a zoo, museum, or you can even dress your little one up in a lion costume!

Follow along to meet the next animal in our Exploring The Alphabet adventure!

Ready to start your adventure?

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