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Meet The Animals - Goldfish | Exploring The Alphabet Scrapbook

A text image saying "Meet The Animals" of Exploring The Alphabet with animal track illustrations in the back.

Exploring The Alphabet takes your family on an animal journey from A to Z!

Start your family on an adventure to meet an animal for every letter of the alphabet, document your experience with photos, and then create a handmade book of your memories.

So let’s meet one of the critters featured in the Exploring The Alphabet scrapbook.

An image saying "Meet The Animals" with an uppercase and lowercase G and an illustration of a goldfish. On the bottom there is a logo for Exploring The Alphabet scrapbook.

Today is this exquisite Goldfish, which is one of 5 animals for G. Goldfish is independent. She is thoughtful, but a little anxious. I can relate.

You can check Goldfish off your photo list by heading over to a pet store or aquarium…or maybe even from your tank at home.

Follow along to meet the next animal in our Exploring The Alphabet adventure!

Ready to start your adventure?

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